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IN THE SPOTLIGHT—Michael Mahoney

Feb 03, 2023 10:17AM ● By Sherry Adams

Websters definition of a lawyer is; a person that practices or studies law, an attorney or counselor. While Mike is all that, he is much more than that to the town of Chillicothe. You could say Mike is a lawyer with a servant’s heart.

Mike was born in the Chicago area. He has two siblings, a brother and sister, and three children, Michelle, Erica, and Paul, and is the proud grandfather of five.

Mike has had a fascinating and adventurous life. His father was an Industrial Engineer in the oil industry. When Mike was five years old his family moved to Iran, where they lived until Mike was seven years old. When he was 10, his father then moved the family to Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia to work for the Arabian American Oil Company. Mike’s family traveled extensively around Europe and the Far East, and admits he had quite a diverse education. He loved meeting people from all different walks of life and cultures during his childhood.

When he was in the 10th grade, the family came back to the states and settled in the Chicago area of Northbrook. After graduating from high school, Mike went on to Georgetown University in Washington D.C. but after his first year, the school was so costly he then transferred to Loyola University where he graduated and then went on to the Loyola School of Law where he earned his law degree in 1979.

Mike knew he didn’t want to practice and live in a big town, so he sought out small towns around the area and began sending out resumes to see what was available. He got a response and offer from the law offices of Kehr & Edmonds, so he took the job. Tom Kehr, a seasoned lawyer, took the young man under his wing and told him; if he wanted to be a success in this town, he needed to join as many service clubs as he could to get his name out and get acquainted with the townspeople. Mike took that sage advice and immediately joined the Lion’s club. Soon after he joined the Lions, Harry Crull called him and invited him to join the newly formed Optimist’s club. He joined that club too, and so started his long time service to this town.

Later Mike became a law partner in Edmonds, Laukitis & Mahoney. After a few years Mike decided to strike out on his own, so in 1985 he opened his own law office downtown in the building formerly known as the First National Bank, where he currently practices law.

Mike has been president of the Lion’s club many times and also president of the Optimist’s club. He is still actively involved in both clubs today.

As well as his membership in the Lions and Optimists, Mike has been on the Chamber of Commerce board of directors, and the Pearce Foundation Board, where he is still serving. He is also presently on the board of the Chillicothe Optimist’s Town Theatre.

In the summer you can find Mike as the emcee of the Mr. Chillicothe Contest at the Chillicothe Days, and supporting the St. Jude runs. Whatever the task, Mike steps up to help—although he says he has learned throughout the years how to say no once in a while.

When asked what he thought was his greatest accomplishment, he thought for a moment and said; “Helping others when I can and raising my family in this town. Ever since I moved to Chillicothe I’ve felt totally accepted, like they rolled out the red carpet for me. Once I moved here and started meeting people and getting involved, I never wanted to live anywhere else. This is my home.”